B3 Student Leadership

Building Better Brothers (B3) Student Leadership

Holding a student leadership position on campus is a valuable opportunity for students to develop skills that will benefit them both personally and professionally. B3 student leaders develop their interpersonal and task-management abilities as they face new situations and respond to the challenges they encounter, learning from their own experiences as well as from their mentors and peers. B3 student leaders are essential in the coordination of B3 programming and events as well as the implementation and evaluation of services provided.

B3 participants must have completed one year in the program with the fulfillment of minimum requirements before they are eligible for a leadership position.

The Brodie-roundtree Administration


President: Dante Brodie
Vice-President: Corey Roundtree
Secretary: Daequan Alston
Treasurer: Markel Limbacker

Director of Communication: Prince Crentsil
Director of Programming and Community Relations: Chris Walls
Director of Student Relations: Darnel James

The Blackwell-Powell Administration



The Morris-Nelson Administration


The Morris-Watkins Administration