Inspiring Greatness, Nobility, and Integrity through Empowerment (IGNITE)


Inspiring Greatness, Nobility, and Integrity through Empowerment (IGNITE) is designed to increase the retention and graduation rates of minority and underrepresented females. IGNITE targets women of the following populations: African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Native American, Multi-racial, LGBTQ, first generation, women from rural communities and women who have a reported disability. IGNITE, however, is open to any person who identifies as a female. The central goal is to help minority and underrepresented females matriculate through their collegiate career at UNC Charlotte and produce graduates with high academic achievement and preparedness for post-graduate life. IGNITE will also create a sisterhood amongst its members that supports and expects excellence academically, socially and professionally.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Faculty/Staff, Alumni and Community Mentorship
  • Secondary Academic Advising
  • Academic and Life-Skills Workshops
  • Financial Advisement
  • Community Service
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Network and Relationship Building
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Social Events
  • Student Leadership Opportunities

IGNITE is the sister program of Building Better Brothers (B3).